This page is not endorsed or promoted by any entity related to Benjamin Orr and is not used for profit or financial gain.

It is simple a tribute page to a rock and roll hero who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2000. This page is simply to honor the memory of a great musician and a gentleman. Benjamin was the bass player and vocalist of  The CARS and the voice behind 70's and 80's hits including Just What I Needed, Bye Bye Love, Movin' In Stereo, Let's Go, Candy-O and Drive to name a few.

Benjamin's 1986 solo album "The Lace" featured pop hit Stay The Night

He continued his music career after The Cars with The Orr Band, Voices of Classic Rock and Big People


These Benjamin Orr shirts were done in 2010 in memory of the ten year anniversary of Ben's passing. They were sold at cost to Orr fans. Artwork by Kurt Gaber, image derived from photo taken by Phil Kamin and used with permission.



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